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What is the minor injury cap?

The minor injury cap is a law that caps compensation at $5,200 for pain and suffering arising from “minor injuries” injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

The insurance industry is asking to make the phrase “minor injury” inclusive of concussions (including brain injuries), psychological injuries, jaw injuries and chronic pain.


Severe concussions can lead to traumatic brain injuries and permanent damage. Common effects of a severe concussion can include: trouble concentrating, memory problems, personality changes, sensitivity to light and noise, insomnia, depression.

Jaw Injuries

Jaw injuries are very painful and some cases render patients unable to chew, talk or open their mouth. Jaw injuries are also associated with chronic pain.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain cannot be treated and is ever present in a patient's life. Many who experience chronic pain develop severe depression and even suicidal thoughts.

Mental Injuries

Patients suffering from mental injuries usually develop depression and phobias as a result of an accident. These changes can manifest as changes to their personality, insomnia and inability to perform their job.

These conditions often haunt people for life and are anything but “minor”.

What's happening?

Insurance industry lobbyists, having found that no-fault auto insurance is unpopular with Albertans, now want to change the legal definition of “minor injuries” to include significant, chronic conditions like concussions, traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, TMJ injuries and psychological injuries as a way to shortchange Albertans and increase their profits.

These proposed reforms limit access to the court and accountability for insurance companies.

Alberta’s insurance system should not be designed to protect industry profits at the expense of consumers. When someone is injured in an accident, they deserve to have their rights protected and to hold bad drivers and insurance companies accountable through the court system.

Injuries such as concussions are not minor

Industry lobbyists want to change the definition of “minor injuries” to include chronic conditions.

This means Albertans who suffer injuries like concussions or traumatic brain injuries could pay more out of their pocket to recover from an already traumatizing vehicle accident.

These proposed reforms put the interests of insurance companies ahead of consumers.

These changes to Alberta’s insurance regulations are unfair to consumers, as they won’t decrease premiums, and would result in injured Albertans carrying more of the financial burden to support their recovery to the benefit of multi-national insurance company bottom lines.

Insurance companies remain profitable and that proposed reforms to expand minor injuries will only benefit insurance companies to the detriment of consumers and injured Albertans.

What you can do


Contact your local representative

Let your voice be heard. Send a letter to your MLA and the Minister of Finance.


Share your Story

We want to know your accident story. Were you able to secure fair compensation? What happened? How do you feel about the potential loss of protections if Albertans can no longer sue at-fault drivers?


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