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No-Fault Auto Insurance.

What you and your patients need to know

What is no-fault insurance and how will it affect patients?

The Alberta government is considering changing our auto insurance system from an at-fault system to a no-fault system.

A no-fault auto insurance system will dramatically affect how injury victims are compensated and treated in Alberta. Learn more below about what a no-fault auto insurance system could mean for your patients.

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What No-Fault Auto Insurance means for your patients

There are 3 key flaws with no-fault insurance:

No-Fault benefits insurance companies, not victims.

No-fault insurance is designed to help insurance companies control costs, not to better treat Albertans injured in automobile accidents. By broadening the pool of beneficiaries, no-fault insurance under-compensates those with severe and chronic injuries and overcompensates those with less severe injuries.

No-Fault lowers compensation for injury victims.

No-fault auto insurance puts the interests and wellbeing of at-fault drivers ahead of innocent victims of accidents. These systems increase costs to all consumers only to provide greater benefits for at-fault drivers at the direct expense of innocent drivers who see decreased benefits.

No-Fault means a WCB-style bureaucracy will determine injury

A no-fault system means insurance disputes will no longer be settled by the courts. Instead, a new government bureaucracy will be created much like the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) to determine injury compensation.

What you can do


Inform your patients

Awareness goes a long way. In order to help you keep your patients informed, you may request or print informational pamphlets, which will help raise awareness


Help Raise Awareness & Get involved in the conversation

Spread the word to your patients, your fellow professionals and your personal network.


Write to your local MLA

Together we can stand up for injured Albertans against no-fault insurance. Join us in speaking out by writing to your local MLA. Below you’ll find information on how to contact your MLA, the Finance Minister and Premier of Alberta, as well as tips for writing politicians about no-fault insurance.

1. Contact your Local MLA

In addition to contacting your MLA, it’s important to loop in key decision makers on auto insurance.

For your convenience, the above MLA contact list will open your preferred email client and automatically cc  Premier Kenney and Minister Toews on your letter.

In case you do not have an email client specified, or the link does not work for you, their information is listed below:

1. Tips for Writing Your MLA

Make it personal.

Tell them something about yourself. A simple sentence such as “I have been practicing for 15 years I know no-fault insurance will negatively affect treatment outcomes for my patients” can help create familiarity and brings you and your point alive and off the paper.

Be clear.

Start with a clear statement of purpose about a particular action. For example: “I am writing to express my concern about no-fault auto insurance on . I ask that you reject insurance industry proposals for no-fault insurance that would restrict my rights and reduce my insurance coverage.” Repeat this request in the last paragraph.  A closing request such as “please represent the interests of consumers and Albertans over insurance companies” is a strong message for an elected official to hear.

Be informed.


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