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Here's how you can protect your rights

Join thousands of Albertans and let your local MLA know that you are not ok with giving up your rights!

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Write to your local MLA

Together we can fight back against insurance companies and no-fault insurance. Join us in speaking out by writing to your local MLA.

Below you’ll find information on how to contact your MLA, the Finance Minister and Premier of Alberta, as well as tips for writing politicians about no-fault insurance.

1. Contact Your MLA

Use this dropdown to find your MLA’s contact information:

In addition to contacting your MLA, it’s important to loop in key decision makers on auto insurance.

For your convenience, the above MLA contact list will open your preferred email client and automatically cc  Premier Kenney and Minister Toews on your letter.

In case you do not have an email client specified, or the link does not work for you, their information is listed below:

2. Tips for Writing Your MLA

Letter-writing is an effective tool for sharing your voice. Writing a letter or an email gives you the opportunity to speak up and be heard. Auto insurance is complicated, but you don’t need to be an expert to communicate with your MLA about issues of consumer rights. The biggest single impact from a letter or email is that you have taken the time to send it.

Be respectful.

Politicians are more likely to listen to your point if it is not accompanied by abuse.

Make it personal.

Tell them something about yourself. A simple sentence such as “I have a clean driving record and don’t want to subsidize bad drivers through no-fault insurance” can help create familiarity and brings you and your point alive and off the paper. If you have been in an accident or had a bad experience with an insurance company, write about that too. 

Be clear.

Start with a clear statement of purpose about a particular action. For example: “I am writing to express my concern about no-fault auto insurance on consumer and civil rights. I ask that you reject insurance industry proposals for no-fault insurance that would restrict my rights and reduce my insurance coverage.” Repeat this request in the last paragraph.  A closing request such as “please represent the interests of consumers and Albertans over insurance companies” is a strong message for an elected official to hear.

Be Informed.

Share your Story!

We want to know your accident story. What happened? How do you feel about the potential loss of protections if compensation becomes capped for concussions (including brain injuries), TMJ injuries and chronic pain?

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